I am Fred Williams

I am Fred Williams

downward-dog-yoga-catAlthough I’ve been a “doodler” since middle school, this digital journey began several years ago with a snapshot of a yoga student doing a “half handstand” in my yoga teacher’s studio. I do not know what grabbed my attention about that picture – colors, angles, whatever. Geometric shapes have always intrigued me because of the numerous ways they can be combined to form a completely different shape. I began my process of partnering the yoga “half handstand” photo with various geometric shapes. When they morphed into multi-pointed images; nested squares of four figures joined at the corners, etc., I was amazed at the results. To this day, I cannot fully predict what the final product will look like, but it is always a pleasant surprise.

Eventually, I settled on working from digital photos taken by myself, my wife, or friends. In the early years, family and friends became reluctant recipients of my developing process. Luckily, they were encouraging enough to keep me going. After several years, and several changes in format, they told me share them with the public. It has been an interesting venture, and it is still way too fun.

The Reflections by F.W. website is a work in progress. Keep checking back for the latest updates of images and products. In the development stages are customer-defined calendars, puzzles (jigsaw, block, and a couple of “devious” custom puzzles I have designed), as well as preliminary work on several other products that can utilize my images.

May you enjoy my works, and find the same “ease” they give me. They are never the same – it is likely you will continually find something new in each of them as I do.

Hopefully, you will have as much fun as I have had!

karen williams

Karen Williams, Fred’s wife and Reflections by F.W. Managing Partner